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Ending our stay with rain!! We have seen so much! Today we will see the Air and Space Museum. We saw the Natural History Museum yesterday!! So far we have seen all monuments, The White House, The Capital, The art Gallery (did not last long Em was bored), Sculpture Garden……
Could not get near the National Archives maybe today we could!


We made it!! Beautiful day!! Close to 80!! Saw all the monuments and WHite House! Also in the right place motorcade whizzed out of the White House. got pictures of the back end of what is believed to be the President’s car!!

It is 2:30 am!! We leave in about a hour for the bus station then get to the train!! We should be in DC by 3 pm.

We are so excited about our trip!!

Counting down…
About 12 more days!!

I think this is where I will book for our DC trip.


Looking for a great DC hotel!!!