Em and Me

Just a little test to try out posting to my blog via my iPad.


what do you think


So! Lots and Lots of changes !  We have moved over the border from NH to ME! BAck literally in my hometown! Three house from where I grew up! Three houses from my brother and his family! Life is good!

Snow finally fell last night! Probably 4-5 inches here other parts got a lot more…. Pictures to follow! Em had a blast making a giant snowball and snow angels. But it should melt by mid week then I hear there may be more on the way Wed. night!

I am now on Chart B. But this is a progress pic.

On row 20!! Woot!! And my second repeat of the beaded yarn overs look good :0)

Started on Entomology from the Summer Knitty! I have cast on and taken it apart three times! Cannot get the “floating” beaded yarn overs right!! URGH!!

Going to try and teach Em ho to knit again!! She might be ready!!

We both get done with school on the 22nd!! Then about a week and half before the summer rec job starts!!

Ending our stay with rain!! We have seen so much! Today we will see the Air and Space Museum. We saw the Natural History Museum yesterday!! So far we have seen all monuments, The White House, The Capital, The art Gallery (did not last long Em was bored), Sculpture Garden……
Could not get near the National Archives maybe today we could!